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New management information system for Meloche Group

Dear collaborators,

In order to continue to stand out in the aerospace industry, Meloche Group is changing its management information system. This new ERP software, which corresponds more to our needs, is nothing but EPICOR.

In fact, this change of ERP software will allow us to improve our production management activities, and support our growth. In other words, it will put forward innovative solutions that will increase Meloche Group organizational effectiveness.

Following an analysis phase that lasted nearly a year and a half, in which the transition activity takes place in three distinct phases;

  • Phase 1 (Finance) - In progress
  • Phase 2 (Operations) - 2017
  • Phase 3 (Human Resources) - 2018


As part of this implementation, we benefit from an external assistance of experts, who is EPICOR’S certified platinum integrator.

Our on-time delivery rate, compliant delivery rate and continued compliance with customer standards and requirements will continue to be illustrated by performance indicators (KPI) to demonstrate our good project management through out our day-to-day operations.

We remain available to answer all your questions concerning the progress of the project.

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