Continuous improvement
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Continuous Improvement

Meloche Group offers customized machining and assembly services for medium-sized or small-sized volumes. Each product manufactured in our plants is the result of a complex process that goes far beyond that of a simple production. To ensure compliance and quality, the company has implemented a quality management system (AS9100 certification) that offers an integrated management of both their quality system and business system.

Each year, after assessing their business processes through strategic planning, a dozen or so targeted projects are set up. Responsibility for these projects is shared equally by team members and monitoring is ensured through a performance committee, throughout the year.

Steered by the Director of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, this system engages all management personnel and general staff. The success of this system is part dependant on:

  • The SYNKRO performance management software that has ensured since 2007, the follow-up of all projects at every step, from their inception up to their delivery.
  • The performance committee that follows-up every six weeks, on strategic projects; projects that were determined through our strategic plan according to the Six Sigma approach.
  • The executive committee that develops the company’s long-range development strategy and mission, ensures the company operations and its healthy management, analyses gaps between goals and results obtained every month and implements remedial action plans
  • The management journal that reviews every six months all items under consideration in the AS9100 and ISO 9001 management systems.
  • The creation of ‘Kaisen’ work teams (based on the Japanese continuous improvement model).
  • The responsibility of each employee who is invited, through a Continuous Improvement Form (CIF), to submit ideas that are likely to help the company grow on every level.

Every year, either through their production processes, human resources or management systems, Meloche Group mobilizes all efforts to pursue the culture of continuous improvement which is an integral part of its mission.

CIF Program

The Meloche continuous improvement team has reinvented the traditional “Suggestion Box” through its structured Continuous Improvement Form (CIF) program. As a result, employees actually launch real improvement projects by submitting their ideas through these forms. Be it a notion of increased profitability, increase of quality, health and safety issue or environmental issue, all these ideas are reviewed but more than that, these ideas are 97.8% implemented in a very short time.

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